The services we offer.

We aim to comply to you and your pets needs. We want you to be happy and confidant of the care we offer.  We will chat with so we can meet needs meet and your pets need as possible.

Dogs are fed separately and water is made available at ALL TIMES. we can answer more questions when you visit us. In the meantime here are our basic services we offer

1hr dog walk: £10

We come and pick your dog up and will go to one of the fabulous walking areas with your dog. We will try and match them up with other dogs that are with us on day care or home boarding. If your dog needs one to one then that is what we will do.

Day care: £15

You will drop your dog off to us in the morning at an agreed time. Your dog will be made part of the family and they will receive the very best care we can offer. You will be informed in agreed manner of how your pet is doing and what they are up to. They will receive walks and mental stimulation while with us.

Home boarding:£20

Like at day care your dog will become a part of the family and receive the best we can offer. They will enjoy walks and mental stimulation and of course a warm a cosey place to sleep in our home where they are happy….

We do offer a pickup service and a drop of service at a minimum of £5. If we have to go through the tunnel we do also ask the cost of this also.