Why your Dog is graded here either

Green Amber or Red

While your Dog is with us we want to make their visit as fabulous as possible.

  • knowing the physical needs (and medical needs if any)
  • There Emotional needs
  • What they like or dislikes

We will need a full and clear explanation regarding any medical needs. If your dog requires medicating, a complete plan from vets and yourself of how and when to medicate your dog(s)

Physical needs include exercise feeding and any medication.

The Colour grading comes into play when looking at your dog’s emotional needs as well as likes and dislikes.

In a perfect world everyone will get on with everyone, but like humans. Dogs can have anxieties when it comes with people situations and other animals. The grading will come into place when I have met both you and your dog(s)..


Dogs can flourish and enjoy everyone’s company. They may be excitable playful and respectful with other dogs. Free from any physical emotional and medical needs.


On the other hand some dogs may be playful and comfortable only after in a controlled way meeting new dogs. They maybe a little aloof when it comes to other dogs, new situations and of course other people. Other factors that come into place include dominance jealousy and of course age and medical needs this is one reason I could mark a dog as amber


The colour red speaks for itself. However, if your dog is marked red please do not think your dog is rejected. On the contrary, we have assessed the dog(s) and have seen needs that can be implemented where we feel can help your dog settle in house better. A dog can be marked amber or red if there is a medical situation that could be affected by other dogs, eg. Stitches or weakness etc.

There are other times when we see dominance that we believe could lead to confrontation. We would also note of any serious fear aggression of which in our opinion is worse.

With any grading system we will work with your dog(s) while they stay with us so as to improve his/her grading. This will be done in a controlled manner so if possible your dog(s) can mix with everyone here.

We will always explain our decisions of grading and also how the care of your pet will be implemented…..

Please remember though if you have any questions do not hesitate and ask